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Writing Services

We are Tip Tap Solutions, a digital and online marketing company dedicated in helping your business and brand grow by telling your story to the people who matter. We carefully craft words and blend them with cutting-edge online tools to create powerful messages that will make your customers feel your online presence

  • Contents for Website Pages
  • News Articles
  • On-Page Blogs
  • Reviews for Products or Services
  • Feature Articles
  • Social Media Contents

We are not your run-of-the-mill pen for hire. We are your business partners

Contents for Website Pages

We’ll make sure the content provide will generate leads and top-of-mind consumer recall. As an added feature, we’ll also provide word-for-word checking, content evaluation, and content analysis.

News Articles

News Articles can generate “earned media” value as if it were covered by conventional media outlets. With research and analysis, our writers can align a customary corporate event or product launch to current issues and events.

On-Page and Off-Page Blogs

On-Page Blogs (ones directly posted on your website) and Off-Page Blogs (ones posted in submission sites with links that direct the reader to your own website).

Reviews for Products or Services

Various studies show that anywhere between 50% to 80% of consumers with Internet access consult online reviews, and even visit company websites, first before making purchasing decisions.

Feature Articles

Our Feature Articles are written with the same journalistic flare and thoughtful story angling of an “earned media” coverage

Social Media Contents

Our Social Media Contents are professionally written with the same journalistic flare and thoughtful story angling.

To make your website a successful marketing tool, you need to strategically develop content that is smart and written in a voice with a tone that matches your brand. We can help edit existing content or write new content that will accomplish your goals and mesh with your design.