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What is SEO and How It Affects Article Quality?

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What makes your article an instrument to make you richer?

SEO is the acronym for “Search Engine Optimization” or “Search Engine Optimizer.” It is the operation that affects the visibility of certain web page or website in a search engine’s unpaid results (Beel, Jöran and Gipp, Bela and Wilde, Erik, 2010). The more a site appears in a search results’ list, the more visitors it will have from the search engine’s users. Search Engine Optimization targets a variety of searches which that includes image search, local search, academic search, and video search.

SEO has been an essential part of an internet marketing strategy by considering how a search engine works; what people search for; the actual search keywords or terms that are being used and typed in search engine.

SEO also helps to secure a site and makes it accessible to many people around the globe. That’s how powerful it is! Through SEO, products and services especially those that are new ones in the industry will be able to make their own name or brand.

Search Engine Optimization affects an article quality through the use of keywords. These keywords are actually the one that people search or type in any search engines they prefer to use. So, once they key in the right word or group of words the relevant articles will come out with links that will redirect you to products and services.

Google is wiser now though! Before, SEO experts would just put all the keywords they want in the article, thinking that the more keywords they have in an article the higher that chances of making their site visible. Well, obviously they are wrong. Google requires high-quality articles with the right keywords in it.

What are the right keywords? Follow me on my next blog. We will discuss the tips and guides of making high-quality articles and making your site visible!

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